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Our University, Università di Corsica – Pasquale Paoli, located in the city of Corti, in the mountainous heartland of Corsica, an island enjoying some of the greatest water resources in the Mediterranean, means to be dynamic, ambitious and focused on people. Established in 1765, it comprises more than 4500 students (among whom 12% of international students, i.e. 54 different nationalities), more than 300 teachers and scholars, and delivers more than 80 degrees, displayed over a large educational offer: Law; Economics and Management; Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Sports and Physical Activities; Sciences and Technologies; Health and Med School.

Our scientifical priorities have brought us to get strongly involved in Environment, Culture and Identity thematics, but also in Information and Communication Networking Technologies. This tends towards the completion of a double requirement: first, the creation and transmission of valuable knowledge centered on main topical issues; secondly, the will to play a significant and effective part in our island’s crucial development, in terms of Identity, Politics, Environment Preservation and Sustainable Development.

Though a multidisciplinary institution, embracing both Humanities and Sciences, the University of Corsica is aiming at carrying out 7 main scientifically-oriented programs, acknowledged by many publications and business-related patents: Cultural Identity and Heritage Process, Information and Communication Technologies, Struggle against Wildfires, Renewable Energy, Territorial Dynamics and Sustainable Development, Natural Resources, Water Management and Valuation in the Mediterranean. These 7 programs also take place in many international partnerships worldwide.

Thus, our University is a member of the World Water Faculty (Faculté mondiale de l’Eau), created in 2002 by Prof. Riccardo Petrella, instigator of the World Water Contract and founder of the University of the Common Good. This Faculty consists of an international network of scholars specialized in water issues and whose aim is to make people of every origin and background (scholars but also professionals, politicians, citizens) aware that water must be considered as a “common good”.

Our consciousness that water has become a strategical topic, one of the most crucial in the 21st  Prof. Bernard Marchand and Antoine Orsini are heads of these global projects. century, featuring for example international crisis, conflicts and migrations, wildlife and flora damaging, has lead us to launch a large original research program based upon the peculiarity of Corsican geography and hydrology in its dealing with water issues. We develop such educational and scienfitical projects, among which: Water Sciences and Environment (whose goal is to train hydrobiologists and hydrogeologists in a scientifical and professional perspective), Coastal and Ecosystemic Integrated Management (which is to ensure the natural and economic development of such fragile areas while respecting an eco-integrated agenda).
To sum up, our University is deeply involved in the study and preservation of water as a natural resource. Our claim is that water resources do matter at a vital, human and ecological level. That is why the University of Corsica values to the utmost point cross-disciplinary studies about this main topic: every department and school in the University is concerned with it.

Université de Corse Pascal Paoli
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